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Humane Possum Removal Sydney, where our commitment to ethical pest management meets the unique needs of Chatswood residents. As an experienced and licensed company, we understand the challenges posed by possum infestations and are dedicated to providing humane and effective Possum Removal Chatswood solutions. Our team is equipped with the expertise to address possum-related concerns responsibly, ensuring the safety of both your property and the furry inhabitants.

With a track record of successful interventions, we pride ourselves on being Chatswood’s go-to choice for possum removal services that follow compassion and compliance. Trust us to handle your possum concerns with care, respect, and a commitment to preserving the delicate balance between urban living and our native wildlife.

Our Wide Range Of Possum Inspection And Removal Services

  • Commercial Possum Removal
  • Residential Possum Inspection And Removal
  • Garden Possum Inspection And Removal
  • End Of Lease Possum Inspection And Removal

How Do We Manage Possum Trouble? 

  • The possum trap is what our Possum Removal Chatswood team uses for effective results. Independent testing was done to check the safety of the possum inside the trap, which our trap passed.
  • When our experts reach your place, we will place two traps in the most advantageous spots.
  • After a few hours or days, possum removal professionals will revisit your property and remove the possums, if any are stuck. You can also inform us about the trapped possum.
  • If not caught, we repeat the process after resetting the trap.

The seriousness of the problem determines which idea is best for a possum removal plan. Usually, one visit to the property is sufficient to get rid of the local possums for a while.

Set A Possum Trap And Be Safe Against Possums

Set a trap right away to get rid of your undesired possum problems. Using a trap for possum removal can indeed be a straightforward process, but it’s essential to approach it with care and consideration for the well-being of the possum.

  • Easy to setup, and install and can be fixed quickly, within a few minutes.
  • Dependable mechanical design made with high-quality parts.
  • Easy sensitivity modification.
  • Free of maintenance.
  • Utilized by a variety of users to lower the possum population, which subsequently causes noticeable increases in native wildlife.

How To Set Up A Possum Trap?

Humane Possum Removal Sydney employs user-friendly traps designed to capture possums without causing harm. These traps are thoughtfully crafted to ensure the safety of both the possum and the user.

  • Select a spot where you are aware of possums frequently.
  • Fasten the base plate to a nearby tree or post.
  • Bait the trap with an apple slice coated in cinnamon.
  • Pull the cord to release the trap.

The trap will remain in operation in the same location until all possums in the area are eliminated. New possums will eventually relocate into the void, though. Because of this, it’s critical to start baiting the trap as soon as you see the first indications that possums have returned to your patch.

That’s how easy it is. Our easy-to-use traps are equipped with mechanisms that allow for simple setup and monitoring. With clear instructions provided, homeowners in Chatswood can confidently address possum-related issues.

How Possums Can Impact You


Possum damage costs over $35K annually for homeowners and businesses in Sydney. Over $11K is spent annually by the local government on possum management.


They have many nest sites and an average home range of 200 meters in the forest areas. Being nocturnal, they are active at night and have preferred paths and trees.


Their distinctive vocalizations, such as hissing or screeching, can disrupt peaceful evenings and lead to disturbed sleep. Another concern is the potential damage possums can inflict on gardens and outdoor spaces. Additionally, possums may occasionally seek refuge in roof spaces, causing disturbances and leaving behind droppings.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the humane removal of possums is only allowed. Understanding these challenges is crucial for effective possum management. At Humane Possum Removal Sydney, we specialize in addressing these issues with a compassionate and ethical approach.

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At Humane Possum Removal Sydney, we specialize in addressing possum issues with a compassionate and ethical approach. Whether it’s devising strategies for peaceful coexistence or implementing humane removal methods, we are committed to helping Chatswood residents mitigate the problems posed by possums while ensuring the well-being of these native animals.

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