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Troubled with possums? If you have been shocked awake at night by the strange noises from your roof, you probably have a possum problem. If you are looking for a possum catcher in Kellyville, then Humane Possum Removal Kellyville is the best option for you. Our team of experts offers thorough possum removal services and by using humane techniques we effectively catch and relocate possums. We always make sure that your house is secure and free from these nocturnal animals for your peace of mind. Book our Possum Removal Kellyville services soon.

Possum Removal Kellyville

Possums: Nesting Nooks And Food Habits

With a wide range of nesting and feeding habits, possums are nocturnal marsupials. They have a variety of nesting techniques, such as leafy nests and tree hollows. Different types of possums build their unique nests. Common brushtail possums often use tree hollows or construct spherical nests out of leaves, bark, and twigs.

Although they are opportunistic eaters, they eat a variety of different foods. They primarily eat leaves, fruits, buds, and flowers. Sometimes, they prefer nectar, sweet sap and eucalyptus leaves. Common brushtail possums eat leaves. Some other species eat insects, bird eggs, and tiny animals. 

They are adaptable to various habitats and this adaptability allows them to thrive in urban environments, making them a common sight in Kellyville and neighbouring regions.

Possum Proofing In KellyvilleEviction, Trapping, and relocationPossum Boxes In Kellyville
We use some typical measures to prevent possums from entering your house and causing damage to it. For this, we use some ideas like sealing the entry points, trimming trees, tight-fitting garbage bins, fencing the boundary walls and roofs, etc.With a lot of safety and care and licensed professionals, we go for our Possum Trapping Service. We follow Eviction, Trapping, and relocation measures in the removal and relocation of possums.We install specially designed shelters for possums that provide a safe and comfortable place for the possum to nest. Our experts can install these boxes on a tree, on the roof or anywhere in the garden if you want to stop possums from moving freely. 

Possum Removal By Our Specialists In Kellyville

Possums can cause significant property damage and may also cause harm to humans so they should be immediately removed. Our Possum Removal Kellyville service can do this work effectively.

  1. Assessment of the property: To determine the extent of the possum infestation and identify entry points, our possum catchers will first assess the situation. After that, they plan the removal based on the assessment.
  1. Methods to be used: Several methods are used by our specialists for possum removal which is based on various factors. Different methods used are live traps, motion-activated lights and sound, repellants, seal entry points, and remove attractants. We use humane and ethical methods for underdeck possum removal that best suit the situation.
  1. Dead Possum Removal: Our professionals search each and every area of your property and detect a possum if found dead. By following all regulations and guidelines for possum removal in Kellyville, we safely remove them. 
  1. Final treatment: Once captured, possums are safely removed from the property and released back into the wildlife away from human habitats. We leave you with some possum-proofing ideas to prevent possums from returning to your property.

Swift And Humane Possum Eviction Services On The Same Day

Our possum removal experts have the necessary licence to perform this service in commercial and residential buildings. With our same-day possum removal services, you can count on our prompt arrival at your location. After the confirmation of your appointment, we will come to your place as soon as possible. We can assess the situation and provide timely and humane solutions for roof possum removal, under deck possum removal, backyard possum removal, or garden possum removal.

Tips For Good Health And Safety Against Possums

It is essential to maintain safety and follow these when possums are present in your area. You should consider the following tips for possum prevention.

  • Secure trash bins: Make sure that trash bins have tight-fitting lids to stop possums from foraging through trash.
  • Store food securely: To prevent possum attraction, keep pet food and bird seed in airtight containers.
  • Seal entry points: Seal all the gaps and openings to keep possums out of your house, shed, or garage.
  • Trim trees and bushes: By cutting branches away from your home, trim bushes and trees to stop possums from reaching the roof.
  • Use motion-activated lights: Install motion-activated lights to keep possums away from dark locations.
  • Human traps: If required, catch and then release them away from your property, use human traps.
  • Remove attractants: Remove the things that possums eat and clear your yard of any nut debris or fruit.

Why Call Humane Possum Removal In Kellyville?

You should pick our Possum Removal Kellyville service for the following reasons:

Expertise: Our professionals understand the possum behaviour and habitats, and they have experience and knowledge to safely remove possums with the best methods.

Safe equipment: We use proper equipment and precautions for possum removal that provides protection to your family as possums can carry diseases and parasites.

Efficiency: We save your time and effort by minimising potential damage to your property by quickly resolving the issue.

Green approach: Our team uses no pesticides as we follow the green approach by using eco-friendly procedures.

Certified technicians: Our technicians obtained up-to-date training in this field and can be able to find out the root cause of the problem and solve it. 

Reasonable service: After knowing our Possum Removal Cost, you will quickly hire us as we provide reasonable service. There is no fixed price. We charge based on the problem at your place.

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