Possum Removal Parramatta

Possum Removal In Parramatta At An Affordable Price

Did you find signs like chewed wires and damage to roofs? Count on us for possum removal services in and near Parramatta. Whether there is a possum in a private home or in a garden, our possum removal Parramatta team handles the job with ease. For years now, our possum trappers have been doing humane removal and are charging the clients affordably.  

Possum Removal Parramatta

Also, we have a local understanding of common types of possums found in Parramatta and thus skills remove them in no time. From staying abreast of the latest removal methods, and technology to advanced equipment, we make your place possum-free. Moreover, when it comes to possum pest removal, we adhere to the highest quality and standards. Contact today on 02 4018 7435 a trustworthy service that abides by Humane Possum Removal

Potential Problems Or Dangers Associated With Possums

  • Nocturnal Pests: Possums are usually active at night and thus you keep hearing them growling, hissing and gurgling during the night. This can potentially make you lose your sleep at night, which in the long run causes disturbance to your sleeping pattern.
  • Property Damage: Known for their notorious activity, possums climb onto your roofs and damage your shingles. Moreover, they also tear the electrical insulation, chew on cables and leave behind their droppings.
  • Transmits Diseases: Possums are dangerous to be around as they have the ability to transmit diseases to people around them. Some of such diseases can be named as tuberculosis, tularemia, spotted fever, leptospirosis and others.
  • Damage To Lawn: As possums are herbivores, their foods are the plants, fruits and flowers in your lawn. That is one of the reasons why your lawn is being damaged or observed to have bitter fruits. 
  • Injure Your Pets: Possums are also known for their aggressive behaviour and are likely to create problems for your pets. This can be seen when possums pick a fight with your pet, troubling them and spreading diseases.

Laws & Regulations To Protect Possums 

Many people believe that possums are blind, but that is incorrect. Possums have eyes with dilated pupils that allow them to see in dark surroundings, although their vision is not as sharp as other animals. Despite their relatively sluggish movements, they are not blind.

Possums are protected under different wild protection and conservation laws which speak about licensing and permitting, penalties and more. Therefore, we make sure to make this point aware to every possum catcher we recruit for possum removal in Parramatta because we know that anyone who does not follow the said laws and regulations for possum protection faces a maximum penalty of $2,500.

In fact, while we are removing common brushtail possums and common ringtail possums from your property, we capture them safely. This is because federal law prohibits killing these protected species. Therefore, you must adhere to local laws and restrictions for harmless possum removal. 

Possum Removal Services Exclusively For Parramatta Clients 

Building Pre-Purchase Possum Inspection And Removal

Did you go for an inspection that you have planned to purchase for a year now and find possums in the kitchen and bathroom? We heard your problem is ready to meet your requirements with our building pre-purchase possum inspection and removal service. Call us today and make your dream home in Parramatta possum-free. 

Residential Possum Inspection And Removal

Yes, it is not an easy task to remove possums from residential properties like private homes, apartments, nursing homes, etc. But this is not the case with our possum removal Parramatta team as we have experience with residential possum inspection and removal. Therefore, reach out to us and we will dispatch local possum trappers for you. 

Dead Possum Removal

If you want an expert to deal with dead possums in your store room or any other area of your Parramatta property, count on our assistance. When we reach your place for dead possum removal, we also sanitize and deodorize the area where possum removal is done. So, rest assured to restore your property to a sparkly clean and pleasant-smelling area. 

Garden Possum Inspection And Removal

Are possums in your garden digging burrows, eating fruits and damaging flowers? Get our possum catchers for a safe garden possum removal service and save your garden from getting further damaged. So, stop trying with DIYs and make an appointment with us for garden possum inspection and removal service. 

Backyard Possum Removal 

We customise the backyard possum removal while taking your input to ensure that desirable results are achieved. Also, our possum catchers will make sure the tailored removal method is going smoothly by imposing no harm to possums. Hence, if you want a permanent solution to get rid of possums from your backyard, contact our professionals. 

Underdeck Possum Removal

With rising possum issues in Parramatta property underdecks, we made it our priority to offer underdeck possum removal service. In fact, immediately getting in touch with us for this service will save your underdeck from getting further damaged. So, if you are troubled with underdeck possums, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Possum Nesting Box Installation 

In fact, we also have a service called possum nesting box installation which is one of the preventive measures for possum control. The nesting box we install is in a similar shape to what possums create, making it possums easier target instead of your home. Therefore, get a possum nesting box installed today on a tree above 3 to 4m from the ground and make your place possum-proof. 

The Easiest Way Of Possum Removal Process We Follow

Although we have a standardised possum removal process, we do not just execute them as we believe no two properties are infested with the same type of possums. So, take a look at our possum pest removal processes that make your place possum-free and possum-proof. 

  • Inspection For Possums: Inspect your property from inside out and attic to the top floor to ensure all the discovery for possums is done thoroughly.
  • Remove Possums: Attach our specially-designed one-way doors to all the possum entry points to remove them and leave them no way for re-entry.
  • Treat & Seal The Property: For entry points that aren’t used by possums, we seal them using wire mesh, and sheet metal to prevent possums from using alternative ways for entry.
  • Post-Inspection: Once possum removal is done and alternate entry points of possums are treated, we do post-inspection.
  • Provide Prevention Tips: The last step to our possum removal Parramatta process is providing you with prevention tips.

What Can You Expect Upon Choosing Us For Possum Removal? 

  • Licensed Technicians: Our possum catchers are licensed and certified with experienced expertise in the field of possum removal. Moreover, we have no direction issues and hence your location on the scheduled time to provide in-time service. 
  • Multiple Payment Options: Considering the hundreds and thousands of bookings we get for our services, we provide multiple payment kinds. Hence, you can make the payment for our possum removal Parramatta services via cash, online payment or credit card.
  • Accredited Company: We are one of the first accredited companies in Parramatta with 5-star ratings and advanced equipment. Moreover, the removal methods we adopt are well-recognised in the industry and are well-thought-out. 
  • Same-Day Service: In fact, we also accept bookings for same-day possum removal and you can book them any time of the day. Also, once you count on us for same-day service, we reach your place within 1 hour of the scheduled time.
  • Tested & Approved Solutions: While keeping possum laws and regulations in mind, we use only tested and approved solutions for their removal. These possum removal solutions are safe for the environment, adults, kids, and pets and are pleasant-smelling. 

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