How To Remove Possums From Crawl Space?

Possums are reclusive, nocturnal animals. They shift to a new hole every couple of days but when they feel safe they can be permanent at a place. Possums will eat both plants and animals. Earthworms, frogs, insects, bird eggs, garbage and dog food are some foods of possums. 

Possums are very opportunistic creatures. They are good at climbing and are also fond of living at ground level or below. Possums like to crawl into dark and tight places under decks, sheds, stoops and roofs. When they are found living in a crawl space, it gets hard to remove them. 

How To Remove Possums From Crawl Space

In this post, you can learn how to remove possums from crawl space. We have made this process easy so that even beginners can try this possum removal measure.  

Why Crawl Space Is Favourite Place For Possums?

Possums are known to frequently inhabit crawl spaces for several reasons, making them a favourite location for these creatures. Here are a few factors that make crawl spaces appealing to possums:

1. Shelter: Crawl spaces provide possums with a safe and secure shelter. They offer protection from the elements, such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Additionally, crawl spaces are often dark and hidden, which makes them an ideal spot for possums to seek refuge.

2. Accessible Entry Points: Crawl spaces typically have multiple entry points, such as gaps, vents, or damaged areas, which possums can easily exploit to gain entry. These small openings are often difficult for humans to spot or seal completely, allowing possums to enter and exit freely.

3. Food Sources: Possums are opportunistic omnivores and can find food in and around crawl spaces. They may scavenge insects, small rodents, fruits, nuts, or garbage, which can be found in residential areas. Crawl spaces situated near food sources like gardens or compost bins are particularly attractive to possums.

4. Lack of Predators: Crawl spaces offer possums protection from their natural predators, such as large birds, foxes, or domestic pets. The confined and enclosed nature of crawl spaces makes it challenging for these predators to access or navigate through, providing possums with a relatively safe environment.

5. Nesting and Breeding: Crawl spaces provide possums with suitable conditions for nesting and raising their young. The dark and secluded environment allows possums to create nests using insulation, leaves, or other available materials. Crawl spaces often offer ample space for possums to establish their territories and rear their offspring undisturbed.

It’s important to note that while possums can be beneficial for controlling pests, their presence in crawl spaces can cause problems, such as damage to insulation, wires, or ductwork. 

Some Ways To Remove Possums From Crawl Space

If you have possums in your crawl space and you want to remove them, here are some steps you can take:

1. Identify entry points: Determine how the possums are entering the crawl space. Look for any gaps or openings around the foundation, vents, or pipes. Seal off these entry points to prevent the possums from returning after removal.

2. Remove attractants: Possums are often attracted to food sources. Make sure there are no food or water sources near the crawl space that could be enticing them. Secure garbage cans, clean up fallen fruits or bird feed and remove any pet food left outside.

3. Use deterrents: Possums can be deterred from staying in the crawl space by using various methods. You can try placing bright lights or motion-activated lights near the crawl space entrance, as possums are nocturnal animals and prefer dark spaces. You can also use loud noises, such as a radio or ultrasonic devices, to disturb them.

4. Set up traps: Live traps can be effective in capturing possums for relocation. Place the traps near the entry points or along their common paths. Bait the traps with possum-preferred foods such as fruits, vegetables, or canned pet food. Once captured, release the possums in a suitable habitat far away from your property. Check local regulations to ensure compliance with wildlife relocation laws.

5. Try Howling Them Away: Many times making a loud noise can help to get rid of possums in your crawl space. They love to live in cool and calm places. Due to this reason, even ultrasonic possum repellers work better on them. 

6. Seek professional help: If you’re unsure about handling possum removal on your own or if the problem persists, consider contacting a professional wildlife removal service. They have experience in dealing with possums and can provide safe and effective solutions.


You can use the above ideas for possum removal from crawl spaces. Remember, it’s important to exercise caution when dealing with wildlife. Possums, although generally not aggressive, can bite or scratch if they feel threatened. If you’re experiencing issues with possums in your crawl space and you’re uncertain about your ability to safely remove possums, it’s advisable to consult a professional wildlife removal service to handle the situation safely and appropriately.