Possum Removal Methods

Now Enjoy Environmentally Positive Possum Removal Methods In Sydney

Are you in search of a reliable possum removal company near Sydney? Humane Possum Removal is a recognised possum removal company in Sydney. We have been providing our possum removal services for years now. Possums are nocturnal creatures and can easily enter homes. They are mostly found on roofs, ceilings, attics and gardens. Moreover, they can cause extreme damages that can be life-threatening. Importantly, one must always look out for any dead possums. Dead possums are very dangerous to have around you. They become a breeding ground for deadly germs and bacteria. In all these cases, always consult a professional. 

Our company has a reliable team of possum control professionals. We believe in using environmentally friendly possum removal methods to trap them. Whether it is installing traps, or using deterrents and detectors, all are completely safe. Also, we never use any toxic chemicals as bait to attract the possum. 

Hence, don’t wait for the possums to create havoc in your home. We provide our services in both commercial and residential areas. Also, you can trust our professionals as they are certified and licensed. 

Steps We Take During The Possum Removal Service 

Possum control is a careful task and must be performed by trained individuals. Firstly, the focus must be on inspection. This must be followed by installing environmentally friendly methods. Here is a list of what includes in our services – 

  • Investigate all areas like roofs, gardens, attics, and other entry and exit points.
  • Look for possum infestation signs like droppings, dead possums, damaged roofs and noises.
  • Seal-proofing all the entry points to make sure more possums don’t enter the property.
  • Installing baits and traps to catch all the existing possums on the property.
  • Thoroughly checking gardens and installing possum-proofing measures everywhere.
  • Getting rid of any dead possums immediately.

Therefore, we aim at solving all your possum-related problems. And make sure we don’t leave a single trace behind. Call us on our toll-free number 02 4018 7435 for more information.