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In most situations, it is essential to remove possums on your property. At Humane Possum Removal Sydney, we provide quick, affordable and the best service in Mosman. For Possum Removal Mosman services, we have a wide range of techniques to remove all the possums from your house. 

With their pee, sudden movements and unusual behaviours, they can harm both your house and your health. But not only that! They are ominous to encounter. Our possum removal services are non-toxic and safe for you. We deal with possum infestations of all kinds. 

Give our team for possum removal Mosman service an opportunity to assist you. To schedule our service, contact 02 4018 7435 now. 

Possum Removal Mosman

Dangers Caused By Possums

  • Their hissing and gaping mouths give off a frightening impression, this is really a defensive tactic. 
  • Diseases like leptospirosis, tuberculosis, coccidiosis, spotted fever, and tularemia are spread by many possum species. 
  • Possums are clever and opportunistic, seeking food and shelter everywhere they find appropriate.  
  • Possums may result in physical harm to the property, such as garbage cans being tipped over, birdfeeders being plundered, chicken coops being broken into, ducting being destroyed, and other things.

What Is Possum Safety Laws

As stated in the Wildlife Act of 1975, possums are protected under this law. Other forms of control are possible despite the fact that moving problematic possums is not permitted. Possums cannot be retained or injured in any manner.

Possum harassment and interference are prohibited. Yet, common brushtail possums that are housed in structures, and public gardens may be managed. Common brushtail possums residing inside buildings can be trapped and released into their original habitat by licenced possum catchers. Without the guidance of a licensed professional, it is against the law to capture any possum. On being found guilty, you can be asked for prison and monetary punishments.

Possum Removal Mosman Services We Offer 

If you are willing to have the same-day possum eradication service then we are right here. We can offer you services within an hour of your booking. We offer our customers the same-day possum removal service with no hidden charges. Hence save your time and ping us. 

  • Possum Inspection: Inspection makes your mind free from the stress of hidden possums. Our professionals inspect your area properly and seek any signs of possum invasion to plan for catching, removal and possum-proofing. 
  • Residential Possum Removal: We have permitted professionals to discard possums in your house. We provide urgent possum removal services. Hence call us as soon as possible for backyard possum removal, roof possum removal, or underdeck possum removal services in Mosman.
  • Commercial Possum Removal: Understanding that possums in commercial areas are dangerous and difficult to control, we provide superfast services in Mosman. Removing them from the premises is the key point. We have experts to remove possums from your commercial area. 
  • Pre-purchase possum inspection: It is very important to get a pre-purchase possum inspection if you want to buy a property with no risk of possums. Therefore appoint us for wise pre-purchase possum inspection at an affordable price.

Our Possum Removal Process: A Customized Approach

The below-mentioned is the process we follow for possum removal. Yet it is customised according to the situation. 

  • Inspection: Our professionals first seek for possum invasion. We check for the signs of possum infestation. 
  • Trapping: Our experts set up traps and baits as per your situation and wait for the possum to enter the trap. We pay more attention to the area where there is more outbreak.
  • Possum removal: We make sure to remove and relocate all possums caught in the trap. 
  • Check for dead possums: If we suspect any dead possum on your property, we check for it. Since even a dead possum contains thousands of bacteria. Hence our experts make sure to clear away dead possums. 
  • Sanitisation: It is really very important to sanitise the area after dead possum eradication. Therefore our experts make it certain to sanitise your premises after dead possum removal
  • Post-inspection: Once everything is done our specialist inspects the area again to see whether there is any possum left or not.  

Why Choose Us For Possum Removal Mosman Services?

  • Affordability: Our possum removal services are budget-friendly. You can avail of our service without any second thought. Thus give us a chance and avail our amazing service. 
  • Reliability: The best thing to choose our company is our service is genuine. We provide extensive service with full permission from local authorities. Therefore if you want a compatible service, then choose us. 
  • Professionalism: All our staff members are professionals. We never want to compromise on the quality of our service. Therefore we make sure that all our team members are certified and licensed professionals. 
  • Accessibility: You can ring us anytime. Since we provide our service 24 by 7. Hence never hesitate to ring us for the service. 
  • Quick service: We offer quick service. We are ready to offer you service within an hour of your booking. Hence contact us as soon as possible for the appointment. 
  • Safe products: The traps and baits we use are non-toxic and safe to use. It will only catch possum and will not affect you and your children.

Ensure Your Family Safety From Possums Today In Mosman

 Secure your family’s safety today by entrusting us to handle possum-related concerns in Mosman. Our expert team is dedicated to creating a possum-free environment, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Take the first step towards a pest-free home – contact us now for effective and reliable possum control services.

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