What Should I Do If A Possum Has Babies In My Attic?

Immediately after finding a possum and its babies in your attic, it is time you start working on attic infestation remedies for them. If you keep on delaying this, then no DIY possum removal from the attic works and your only and last resort would be contacting professionals. So, if you want to know how to get rid of possums in the attic along with their babies, we have the right method that you can easily implement. However, the first thing you need to do is to check for signs of possum infestation in the attic, and thoroughly inspect all the corners of your attic. In fact, dealing with possums and their babies in the attic becomes easy if you follow our possum removal method. 

Step-By-Step Guide On What To Do When You Chance Upon Possums & Their Babies In Your Attic

When you notice the presence of possums having babies in the attic, you should handle the situation carefully. You can follow our possum removal method if you find a possum has babies in your attic. 

Inspecting The Attic 

To determine if there is more than 1 possum having babies in your attic, you must start with an inspection of the attic, every hidden and dark corner. There are different ways by which you can confirm the presence of possums and their babies in your attic. So, look for a few signs of possum infestation like the following: 

  • Listen to possum babies’ noises like hisses and squeaks, especially at night.
  • Look for possum baby nests near vents and hidden corners. 
  • Check for any disturbed insulation as possum chooses this place to create a nest for its babies.
  • Take it as a sign of a possum family if a possum is frequently entering and exiting a place.

Identifying The Possum 

Identifying the possum type plays an essential role when you are in a dilemma of what to do if a possum has its babies in your attic. This is because differentiating possum species gives you a general idea about their behaviour, habits and aggressiveness. So, ensure that your attic is not a home for possums and their babies that threaten your safety in return. Therefore, identify a possum type based on a few features and characteristics such as physical appearance, behaviour and habitat. Thus, once you are aware of what type of possum and its babies are in your attic, the process of their removal proceeds smoothly. 

Wait Until The Night Falls

Counting on possums’ nocturnal activity, it is better to wait until the night falls before you are planning for an action against them. This is because the mother possum leaves your attic during the night in search of food. So, you can consider this as the best time where necessary action to be taken while not separating babies from their mothers. Both baby possums and their mother shouldn’t be separated during possum removal as this can cause stress for both of them. Note- If you plan to remove them in the morning, this could lead babies and mother possums into the distress of losing each other in the process. This in turn causes mother possums to become aggressive and bite or scratch you. 

Locate The Entry Points

Once identification is done and you gather the necessary requirements for the possum and its baby removal in the night, locate all the possum entry points in your attic. This step is crucial as sealing these possum entry points will prevent the possum and its babies from returning to your property after removal. Some of the common areas in your attic through which possum enters are listed below: 

  • Roofline
  • Eaves
  • Soffits
  • Vents
  • Chimneys
  • Roof flashings and
  • Tree branches. 

Installation Of One-Way Exit

Finding entry points for possums is just a start and installation of a one-way exit should be done as this encourages possums and their babies to leave your attic. In fact, these one-way exits prevent them from re-entering your attic even in the future. So, you need to gather materials like a durable tube, wire mesh, screws, caulk and flashing to successfully install a one-way exit. Here is how you can install it. 

  1. Gain clear ideas on mother possum entry and exit.
  2. Take a large size durable tube so that it is enough for possums to exit your place smoothly.
  3. Secure one end of this tube near a possum entry point.
  4. Surround this exit device with a wire mesh so possums get guided towards the exit point.
  5. Ensure that there are no babies left behind when the mother possum is being guided to the exit point. See to it that babies are exiting your attic along with their mother.
  6. If you find that possum babies are lagging behind while the mother possum is leaving through the tube, let the mother realise this. Once this happens, the mother possums return to the place where its babies are located and reunite to take them back with it for a safe exit. So, wait until this happens each time a mother possum and its babies lose contact with each other to reunite and exit your attic with no return.
  7. Once the possum and its babies leave your attic, seal all the entry points with caulk for a tight closure. 

Clean & Disinfect The Attic

Immediately after the possum and its babies are out of your attic, you must clean and disinfect the area to prevent potential health hazards. While cleaning, look around your attic for the presence of possum urine and faeces and remove them to proceed with disinfection. 


We would like you to remember that your goal should be removing them when you find possums and their babies in your attic instead of harming them. Hence, we provided you with a detailed version of what to do when you find a possum and its babies in your attic. If you follow all the steps we mentioned for humane possum removal, possums and their babies leave your place unharmed. However, if you are unsure about handling everything on your own, you can seek professional assistance. You have various options like wildlife removal services, accredited possum removal companies, experts that offer the safest possum removal, etc. So, choose either DIY possum infestation removal or professional service depending on your convenience.