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Licensed Possum Catchers In Coogee: Possum-Proof Your Home Today 

Humane Possum Removal is an Australian-operated company and Sydney to be more specific, offering possum removal services in Coogee and nearby areas. Our possum catchers have been in this industry for years now, thus understanding the importance of humane removal services. Moreover, there are not many in Coogee who aren’t aware of our possum removal Coogee teams’ strong reputation and skills. 

So, if you suspect your property has become a territory to possums and their population, count on our possum pest removal. We provide quick and safe solutions to the removal of both adult possums and young possums. In fact, we adopt non-invasive possum removal methods because they mean no harm to possums, despite the severity of the infestation. For more, inquire now at 02 4018 7435

Possum Removal Coogee

Dangers That Possums Can Put You Through 

  • Disease Transmission- Possums transmit a list of diseases such as trichomoniasis, coccidiosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, etc. In fact, 1 in 800 are affected by rabies viruses because of possum bites and scratches. 
  • Noise Disturbances- Being nocturnal creatures, their nighttime activities like moving on roofs and trees create disturbance. This noise disturbance not only potentially disrupts your sleep but also the people living in your proximity.  
  • Contaminate Food- Possums being lovers of fruits, invade your property in search of fruits and consume them. However, this action of possums can make your food contaminated as they take bites of your edibles. 
  • Carry Parasites- Possums carry ticks and fleas on their bodies, acting as vectors to spread multiple diseases at once. Once these parasites come in contact with your family, kids and pets, no one can escape from becoming victims of these parasites. 
  • Financial Loss- As possums keep damaging your property by chewing electrical cables insulations etc., it incurs financial loss. In fact, you need to keep replacing the objects and areas that possums are damaging in your place. 

Possum Laws & Regulations You Should Be Aware Of

Did you know that possums are protected by laws and regulations passed by the Australian government? Yes, it is illegal to pose any kind of harm to them. In fact, according to the Wildlife Act 1975, possums must not be harmed in any way and cannot be harmed without a legal permit. There are also various laws and regulations that specify the protection of possum habitat, such as trees and hollows for nests.

While keeping all these facts in mind, our possum removal moves forward with experienced and humane possum removal. From being licensed to having permits and awareness about penalties and imprisonment upon illegal possum removal, we know everything.

Our Professional Possum Removal Services In Coogee 

Possums are renowned for taking advantage of chances, so they may come into homes even though their typical habitat is the woodlands. When this happens, the possum has likely come to search for food – they enjoy cat food and will search through rubbish for a meal. When they’re complete, they usually exit the area. However, you can take appropriate action with our help when they do not leave.

Building Pre-Purchase Inspection 

People tend to forget the importance of building pre-purchase possum inspection and removal because of various reasons. However, if you do not want to become a victim of possums and their infestations as soon as you enter your newly purchased home, hire us. We do a quick and thorough inspection in search of possum infestations and remove them with care. 

Residential Possum Inspection And Removal

Being in the industry for 25 years now, we are well aware of the client’s concerns and thus we provide exclusive residential service. This is one such service, where you can make bookings with us for residential possum inspection and removal alone. So, why waste time when you can contact our possum catchers this instant? Ping today!

Dead Possum Removal And Inspection

When it comes to dead possum removal and inspection, our group of possum catchers are proactive and is the best possum rescue team. Moreover, we have equal expertise and knowledge about possum removal, carrying out effective dead possum removal. If you smell foul odour upon the death of a possum, call us for a dead possum inspection. 

Garden Possum Inspection And Removal

Are you in search of a garden possum inspection and removal service in Coogee? Our possum removal Coogee team is within your hands to provide affordable garden possum inspection and removal, saving your garden from possum damage. Thus, leave your garden possum issue in our hands and get it possum-proof. 

Backyard Possum Removal

One of the favourite places of possums to invade is your backyard and no DIY can resolve this possum issue of yours. However, our legally licensed and permitted possum trappers can complete this job with ease, ensuring your backyard is safe in no time. So, find our efficient possum removal team in the Parramatta team for effective backyard possum removal service.

Underdeck Possum Removal

When you hire our possum catchers for underdeck possum removal service, we dispatch highly trained professionals who carry along advanced equipment with them. Upon hiring us for underdeck possum removal, you will get to know that we are experts from a company that is committed to humane removal methods. Therefore, make us your go-to choice for any need for underdeck possum removal service. 

Possum Nesting Box Installation 

If you find broken gutters, and torn soffits and hear gurgling noises around your surroundings, get a preventive service from us and prevent possums into your homes. The preventive service we are talking about is possum nesting box installation, where the box resembles the nesting homes of possums. So, get a possum box installed on a tree to make your place possum-free. 

Look How We Remove Possums From Your Coogee Property 

No way are we allowing you to stay in the same place as possums and thus we tailored an effective possum removal process for your property. So, do not be afraid of possum invasions and their infestations in your home and let our possum catchers work to remove them. Here is how we do possum pest removal, 

  1. Possum Removal Inspection: We thoroughly inspect the infested property using safe detectors and identify the possum type. 
  2. Customise A Plan: Then, we customise a plan to remove possums from in and around your property.  
  3. Possum Removal Process: Following the outline of the possum removal plan, we catch possums from your property, without harming them.
  4. Prevention: The final step is to advise a few preventive measures.

Why Opt For Services By Humane Possum Removal In Coogee?

  • Multiple Services: We are one of the few companies that offer multiple services at once upon client request. So, whether it is backyard or underdeck possum removal or both, we reach your place to complete the job within the shortest time. 
  • Timely Manner Service: For every request we get for possum removal in Coogee, we provide timely manner assistance by dispatching local experts. We ensure timely assistance because every area in and around Coogee has our regional possum-catching experts to count on. 
  • Monday To Sunday Bookings: As we are open Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day throughout the year, we take bookings every day. In fact, you can even schedule an appointment for possum removal Coogee service even on national holidays. 
  • Affordable Costing: Despite your late night and emergency bookings, we charge you affordably as we consider aspects like possum numbers & severity. Also, every possum pest removal service you avail from us will be charged accordingly and are independent.
  • Possum-Friendly Solutions: Possum removal solutions we use are extremely safe for possums and don’t damage their bodies in any way upon using them. In addition to this, the removal solutions we use are environmentally friendly, kid-friendly and pet-friendly.

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Do you have a need for emergency possum removal Coogee service? Reach out to us and make your property possum-free in no time. An additional benefit from our side is an obligation-free quote for possum pest removal. Thus, make a booking today!

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