Possums Can Be Risky Around Your Home! Why

A lot of people think possums are cute. Some believe they are scary. But in reality, they are dangerous. Not so dangerous that they can threaten your existence, but surely can prevent you from living in your home. And knowing that the Australian government has devised laws to prevent them from getting hurt, it is ideal that you prevent them from staying on your property or remove them completely. The need for this is highly important and if you are wondering why we are emphasizing the same, do read the post on the same.

Possums Can Be Risky Around Your Home

 How Possums Can Be Risky Around Your Home

  • They carry dangerous diseases

Unfortunately, possums are dirty creatures. They are found in dirty areas in abundance. Hence, coming in direct contact with them can cause dangerous diseases like toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, relapsing fever, stuff like that, etc. These diseases are actually quite dangerous and can lead to severe symptoms as well. Women who are pregnant or have weak immune systems have the highest chance of becoming vulnerable to diseases, and if they are not treated on time, the result can be fatal. Hence it is advisable that you hire possum catchers to take the help of possum removal services to avoid such problems.

  • Not the best animals to be around kids

While these animals are docile and won’t directly hurt your kids, don’t forget that they are wild animals at the end of the day and they do carry the chances of spreading diseases like relapsing, tuberculosis, fever, coccidiosis, relapsing fever, Chagas fever, according to several researchers and departments who study on the matter. Since little ones usually have a very weak immune system, make sure to keep the kids away from wildlife so that their health is not compromised.

  • Do they attack people?

While possums will not directly hurt you, they can definitely hurt the animals in your home, especially if it is a dog. If you have a cat, it could be possible that cats can kill possums that are small or rat-sized. Also, be very careful when you are eye to eye with possums because sometimes they just play dead whenever confronted by other animals or even predators.

Is feeding them a safe practice?

While this may not be the best idea, you should always keep away from trying to feed wild animals in the first place. Their requirements are also quite specific. Supplying them with the wrong foods may also cause bone diseases which could threaten your life condition. Taking care of a malnourished animal might even induce death or send shock in waves. Possums could also pose difficulties within your house and around it and should be removed using animal control, but they do not happen to be nuisances all the time. They are better off as scavengers than being destructured.

Final Words

In simple words, possums are not safe at all near your home and can be risky. For this, you should always contact 24-hour possum removal or even services for possum removal as they can help you out in such cases as well. You could also contact us directly and we can help you out further.