Is Fencing Helpful In Stopping Possums? How to Do It?

When it comes to taking care of your home, there should be one thing you should always be mindful and careful of, and that is possums. Believe it or not, possums are pretty clever creatures and very mischievous. If they enter your house once, they can easily wreak havoc and ruin some parts of your home irrevocably. Hence, it is important that you possum proof your garden and roof with the help of possum removal services as quickly as possible. For that, you will require fencing. They are useful, beneficial, and an excellent way to stop possums from entering your home. However, you must do it in the right way. So, if that is what you want to learn, keep reading this post.

excellent ways to stop possums from entering your home

Some excellent ways to stop possums from entering your home are:

  • Wire Fences

Building a wire fence is not just a good possum deterrent but also an excellent possum pest removal. However, using the simple method will not work. You will require a wire fence around the patch. This will stop the possum from running along your fences, climbing, and tops, and entering your home. The next important thing you must do is build a possum fence with a floppy top. You should also iron posts and planks to keep them off the fence. The floppy parts usually overhang the outside part of the garden. In case you face issues while installing that, you could contact any service that does possum removal in your region.

  • Fence Spikes

If you need a good DIY solution to proof your garden, then you should consider spiking the fences alongside as well. The fence spikes have been designed in such a way that they will not harm the creatures but certainly prevent them from entering your home or climbing over fences. They are also made of plastic and are quite cheap to purchase. You should either glue or screw them once the job is done. Spikes also provide excellent protection compared to other animals and also against other intruders like burglars.

  • Electric Fences

Another excellent method to remove pests and possums from entering your house is by using the help of a fence. These fences are quite safe and come with a small shock which can also be used to aim at scaring off other pests instead of hurting them. The fence also keeps all your pets within your property and keeps them safe too. Electric fences in several hardware stores, as well as put shops, come with a simple DIY install. You could get a fence that will install on top of your wooden ones to stop the possum from climbing ahead. All you need to do is follow the given instructions and that’s it! Your job is done.

Overall, you can consider fencing if you want to prevent possums from entering your house. Electric fences are also a great idea because they don’t harm you at all. You can also spot critters from climbing trees as well as guards. Using a repellent is also a good way to protect your flowers and fruits which could be made of several household items too.